New Standards – New Lesson Plans

We’ve known that we are getting new Social Studies standards in Kentucky for a few years now. We’ve belly-ached and moaned about the out-dated and vague nature of the Kentucky Core Content for Assessment in Social Studies for much longer than that. As non-ideal as the old Core Content was, …

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C3 Framework: Dimension Three – Evaluating Sources and Using Evidence

Deja vu

I love assigning research projects.  My heart soars at the thought of young minds searching out information, gleaning scraps of knowledge from the pages of history and finding joy in the sheer act of learning.  But then I grade the research projects and, for the most part, my …

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Customization: Streamlining Differentiation

Differentiation has been an educational buzz word for several years now, but I recently learned a new way to streamline differentiation in the classroom.  Part of our back-t0-school professional development was a presentation based on The Differentiation Workbook by Continue reading

C3 Framework: Dimension One – U Got Questions? (Inquiry Strategies)

To be honest, I’m a little overwhelmed.  The first day of school is right around the corner and I haven’t done all of the things I wanted to do this summer!  Theme parks, water parks and zoo adventures aside, I’m also anxious about the upcoming school year.  I’ve done a lot …

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Book Review: Reading Like a Historian

If you’re looking for a resource with fresh ideas on how to implement common core standards in Social Studies, look no further than the book, Reading Like a Historian by Teachers College Press.  I recently received a copy for free at a Social …

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