Social Studies Bellringers

Social Studies Bellringers

Social Studies Bellringers

Bellringers are a powerful tool in the classroom and a staple we’ve all come to rely on.    Bellringers or warm-ups should be a springboard to the topic of the day, should access prior knowledge, should incite debate and discussion, should open up their brains like little sardine cans, etc. Let’s just be honest with ourselves for a moment though.  Isn’t it really just about building enough time into the schedule to record absences, collect homework, check email, and let those last two tardy kids trickle in before real instruction begins?  Why can’t it be both?  Spending a little bit of time with well-thought-out bellringers can accomplish this task.  I’m not saying that these are the best bellringers that you will ever find, but they’ve been working for me!  I have a Powerpoint for each topic I teach so that all I have to do is open them up each year and change the date.  Feel free to edit and add to these powerpoints for use in your own classroom.

BRAND NEW – This day in History/Daily Agenda Bellringer Powerpoint Collection:

American Revolution (quotes from founding fathers) Free on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Early Native American Bellringers:   (migration, beringia, adapting to the environment, regions)

European Exploration Bellringers (Columbian Exchange and its effects)

Colonial America (Mayflower Compact, Roanoke, Jamestown, Colonial Regions)

Colonial America (culture in the colonies, Mayflower Compact, Colonial Regions)

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