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Current Events lesson

The study of current events should be an integral part of every Social Studies classroom!  I’m not just talking about watching CNN Student News or Channel One – students need to be reading about current events and analyzing current events!  That’s why I love this current events analysis assignment that a friend of mine passed on to me several years ago.  Now I’m passing this current events analysis homework activity on to you.


I must confess, my students do not break out into song and celebration when they are first handed this assignment.  However, I have found that most students really enjoy doing this assignment because they get to choose the topic they learn about.  The assignment requires students to identify the location of the event on a map, answer basic “who, what, when, where why, how” questions about the event and analyze how this event will impact them.

Why teach current events?

Understanding current events helps students become better future citizens.  Also, not a week goes by that I don’t find direct connections between the happenings in the news and the content that I am teaching. I was giddy when the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice coincided with my Constitution unit.   Given the opportunity, students are great about finding connections between the news and their daily life/studies.  Regardless of whether you are teaching government, economics, civics, geography or history – there is almost always a connection to be made in the daily news.  Studies show that students are more likely to remember content that they can connect to their daily lives, so there’s no real reason now to include current events analysis in a Social Studies classroom.

Fight Fake News!

It’s so important to teach our students to recognize fake news!  Here are some resources and lesson plan ideas that can help us combat the epidemic of misinformation:

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KQED Lesson Plan – Fighting Fake News

ReadWriteThink – Hoax or No?

News Literacy Lessons from the Digital Resource Center

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