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C3 Framework

Civic Action

Civic Action

Dimension 4 of the C3 Framework is probably one of the most difficult elements of the framework for the classroom teacher to wrap their brain around.  It calls on us to get our students College and Career Ready by getting them involved in their community.  For years, this has been pushed to the side in most schools and replaced with the drive to memorize facts for state mandated tests.  State standards formatted using the C3 framework will hopefully bring civic action back into American classrooms.

Why is Civic Action Important?

Some people might still doubt the importance of Civic Action for elementary and middle school students.  I strongly recommend reading Restoring the Balance Between Academics and Civic Engagement in Public Schools for any doubters out there.  Although written in 2005, this publication makes a strong case for Civic Action in the classroom using research that’s hard to argue with.

How To Implement Civic Action in My Classroom?

Looking for information about getting started in Civic Instruction? Check out this article from The Teaching Channel – “Building Democratic Classrooms: Cultivating Civic Competencies”

There are a lot of great resources online to promote civic engagement.  I really like the PBS resources titled “Make Civics Real”

What Kids Can Do is an excellent non-profit organization that focuses on civic action of students.  Their website includes several ideas to inspire student action including activities over elections and letters to the future president.  The organization also serves to give students in urban and impoverished areas a voice to tell their stories.

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