The American Dream Back to School Lesson

Back to School Time!

The American Dream.  It means different things to different people.  I love to start each school year off by asking my students to explore the concept of “The American Dream” and define it for themselves.  I usually start by asking them what the first thing that …

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5 Tips for Better Social Studies Bellringers

As is the case with all of our hat tricks, Social Studies bellringers tend to get a little tired and predictable after a while.  Also called warm-ups, bellringers are supposed to get our students excited about learning, but they frequently result in moans and groans instead of enthusiasm for the …

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New Standards – New Lesson Plans

We’ve known that we are getting new Social Studies standards in Kentucky for a few years now. We’ve belly-ached and moaned about the out-dated and vague nature of the Kentucky Core Content for Assessment in Social Studies for much longer than that. As non-ideal as the old Core Content was, …

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Customization: Streamlining Differentiation

Differentiation has been an educational buzz word for several years now, but I recently learned a new way to streamline differentiation in the classroom.  Part of our back-t0-school professional development was a presentation based on The Differentiation Workbook by Continue reading

Book Review: Reading Like a Historian

If you’re looking for a resource with fresh ideas on how to implement common core standards in Social Studies, look no further than the book, Reading Like a Historian by Teachers College Press.  I recently received a copy for free at a Social …

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