American Revolution – Lesson Plans and Inquiry Based Learning

revolutionsmallAmerican Independence is one of my favorite units of the year!  These lessons incorporate primary and secondary sources and guide students to explore the events that lead American Colonists to rebel against the British crown as well as key historical events and figures.  Inquiry based learning projects use both primary and secondary sources to encourage students to investigate events and ask questions.


Taxation Inquiry Lesson – I created this lesson to give my students to opportunity to debate whether or not the Americans should have paid British taxes. It includes a parent interview about modern taxes and a short research project.  The activity culminates in a pro-taxation vs. anti-taxation student debate.

The Patriot Movie Argumentative Writing Assignment – I do not show a lot of full-length movies in my Social Studies class.  However, I really love the movie “The Patriot.”  This writing assignment compares the pros and cons of using the movie in a classroom setting.  Students learn about what was fictional in the movie.  Then, they write to defend the use of the movie in the classroom or persuade teachers not to use it.

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